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  • Meet the manufacturer: Evergreen Stoves

    In the latest installment of our series exploring some of the main stove manufacturers stocked by Gr8fires, we’ll be looking at a few of the key appliances in the Evergreen Stoves range. Evergreen makes multi-fuel stoves that are notable for...

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  • Meet the manufacturer: Dimplex Stoves

    Dimplex Stoves is the solid fuel appliance branch of Dimplex, which is perhaps best known to most consumers as a manufacturer of electric fires. At Gr8fires we stock both Dimplex electric fires and stoves. In this blog post, we’ll be...

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  • Meet the manufacturer: Villager Stoves

    Just like the Aarrow Stoves we’ve previously showcased, Villager Stoves are the work of British company Arada Ltd. Each Villager stove is hand-finished to the highest standards of workmanship. Every part of the stove, including the smaller details like the...

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  • Meet the manufacturer: Mazona Stoves

    Gr8fires’ Mazona Stoves collection is defined by a collection of classic cast iron stoves available at very reasonable prices. The stoves are traditional in appearance, boasting an undeniably classic design. And yet there is more to the Mazona range than...

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  • Meet the manufacturer: Arizona Stoves

    Please note: This is an old blog post the stoves featured have since been discontinued. See our current range of Arizona Stoves. If your fireplace is currently a bit of a ‘State’, an Arizona stove could be the perfect solution....

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  • Meet the manufacturer: Aarrow Stoves

    Aarrow Stoves is one of a few brand names used by Arada Ltd for their stoves. Since they each have quite distinctive styles, we’ll be looking at each of those brands separately for our Meet the manufacturer blog series, which...

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  • Meet the manufacturer: Invicta

    French stove manufacturer Invicta is definitely at the more contemporary end of the Gr8Fires stock. The Invicta brand is built around eye-catching designs and a very modern look. From a fresh take on the traditional wood-burning stove, to ornamental wood...

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