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Meet the manufacturer: Invicta


French stove manufacturer Invicta is definitely at the more contemporary end of the Gr8Fires stock.

The Invicta brand is built around eye-catching designs and a very modern look. From a fresh take on the traditional wood-burning stove, to ornamental wood burners you could easily confuse for art installations, Invicta focuses on making stoves that are as beautiful as they are functional.

With such a diverse range of designs on available it is difficult to know which stoves to highlight to introduce you to the range. We’ve done our best to find three stoves that span the spectrum of Invicta’s output.

Invicta Ove 10kW Wood Burning Stove

Invicta Ove 10kW Wood Burning Stove

If you are hoping to make your new stove the focal point of your room, the Ove certainly fits the bill.

Its spectacular free-standing design is as intriguing as it is ornate. And as ornaments go, it is a particularly functional one.

If you can spare the space, the benefits of opting for a stove of such stature are considerable. A single load of fuel in the Ove can burn for up to 10 hours.

Once you’ve loaded the fuel and lit the stove, the oval-shaped glass offers a wonderful window through which to enjoy your handiwork.

Invicta Seville Red Woodburning stove

Invicta Seville Red Woodburning stove

Invicta does traditional. Sort of.

There’s the usual Invicta twist on the theme. In this case it is some of the detailing, the subtle curves of the design and, yes, that red enamel finish (we stock the same model in ivory enamel).

The Seville is slightly more conservative than some of Invicta’s other offerings, but it remains as aesthetically pleasing as any of the range.

If the space or statement of one of Invicta’s more unusual designs is not for you, this more understated, elegant stove might be.

Invicta Antaya 12kW Wood Burning Stove

Invicta Antaya 12kW Wood Burning Stove

We now enjoy television in glorious widescreen, so why not stoves too?

The Antaya is representative of several Invicta designs that really add a sense of theatre to your stove in their appearance through a large landscape glass front.

Many people enjoy watching the captivating show provided by a roaring wood-burning stove and, given the large viewing window offered by the Antaya, that has never been easier nor more dramatic than with this stove.

See the full range of Invicta Stoves.

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