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Meet the manufacturer: Arizona Stoves

Please note: This is an old blog post the stoves featured have since been discontinued. See our current range of Arizona Stoves.

Arizona Stoves

If your fireplace is currently a bit of a ‘State’, an Arizona stove could be the perfect solution. The brand itself and each of its stove models take their names from places in the US of A.

While the monikers are very much Americana-themed, the stoves themselves are absolutely universal in their appeal.

Arizona specialises in multi-fuel stoves, so you can burn wood and/or coal on any Arizona model.

So, without further ado, let’s continue our Meet the manufacture series and get a quick overview of some of the key stoves in the Arizona range.

Arizona Oregon 8 kW Multi-Fuel Wood Burning Stove

The Oregon is a great example of an Arizona appliance.

In terms of design, it is traditional but unfussy. The Oregon’s hidden design trick – in common with other Arizona Stoves – is its tertiary air system, which adds an additional stream of air to the stove.

Arizona Kansas 629 5kw multifuel / wood burning stove
Arizona Kansas 629 5kw multifuel

The Kansas is one of Arizona Stoves’ more compact models. At 5kW, it’s above entry level in terms of heat output but retains a neat and efficient appearance. And that level of efficiency is matched in the Kansas’ appearance.

Arizona Nevada 677 21kw multi fuel brown enamelled boiler stove
Arizona Nevada 677 21kw multi fuel brown enamelled boiler stove

That’s right: 21kW. Plenty of heat to keep your home warm and heat your water too. The Nevada 677 is one of a few Arizona boiler stoves. That massive heat output means you can depend on this stove all year round.

Although it’s also available in black, we’re featuring the more unusual brown enamel finish here.

The boiler aspect of the stove is not visible unless you really want to go looking for it. The “wrap around” integrated boiler firebox is hidden by the outer panels, so you don’t lose any of the traditional appearance.

But just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The Nevada 677 is a real grafter and really puts in a shift to keep you cost.

See our full Arizona Stoves range.

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