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Meet the manufacturer: Villager Stoves

Villager Stoves

Just like the Aarrow Stoves we’ve previously showcased, Villager Stoves are the work of British company Arada Ltd.

Each Villager stove is hand-finished to the highest standards of workmanship. Every part of the stove, including the smaller details like the door hinges, are made on site. So Villager stoves have a consistent level of quality throughout the production process.

Let’s take a look at a handful of stoves in the Villager Stoves range.

Villager Puffin 4kw Multi Fuel Stove
Villager Puffin 4kw Multi Fuel Stove

It’s a cute name and it’s a cute stove. The little Puffin is perfect for smaller spaces.

The design is just about as unobtrusive as it gets. As well as it’s diminutive stature – and a 4kW heat output to reflect this – it’s also very slender. Factor in the clean lines and modern looks, and you can guarantee that this is not a stove that’s likely to get in anybody’s way.

Villager Heron 5 kW Multi Fuel Stove

The Heron is the slightly bigger sibling to the Puffin (in stove terms, at least). It boasts a similarly slimline frame and minimal design features.

While it has a touch more oomph, it is still a great option for small rooms, boats, caravans and cabins.

Villager C Flat Solo 5kw Wood Burning Stove
Villager C Flat Solo 5kw Wood Burning Stove

This model is in our Meet the manufacturer guide to represent the bread-and-butter of the Villager range. There are a couple of other stoves in the collection that are not dissimilar.

They’re slightly bigger than the Puffin, in both size and heat output. As such, they command a bit more attention and can hold their own in a larger space. Nonetheless, they retain the same slick, modern aesthetics.

Villager 8kW Flatmate Wood Burning Stove
Villager 8kW Flatmate Wood Burning Stove

The 8kW Flatmate stove is indicative of the double-door design that is the signature of many of the larger stoves within the Villager range.

The doors are perhaps more ornate than on the stoves we’ve featured so far, but the lines and shape of the stove are unmistakably Villager.

Villager 12 Duo Multi Fuel Stove

This 12 Duo Multi-Fuel stoves is full of character and also boasts a heat output that will heat even larger spaces.

Two doors are the mark of the larger Villager stoves – and this fits the bill perfectly.

See the full Villager Stoves range on Gr8Fires.

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