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How to Remove the Glass on an Ezee Glow Celestial Built-in Electric Fire

Step-by-step guide on removing the Ezee Glow Celestial Built-In Electric Fire glass

There are a few reasons why you might need remove the front glass of an Ezee Glow Celestial Built-In Electric Fire.

You might want to change the layout of your fuel bed or add extra logs. Maybe the glass was fitted incorrectly and need to adjust it. You may be performing a maintenance take or perhaps you need to troubleshoot a technical issue.

In all of these cases, and if you need to access the inside of your fire for any other reason, Ezee Glow Celestial glass removal is very easy to do. Let’s see how to do it.

Step one: Remove the screws

Remove the four screws that are holding the front glass panel in place. These are found beneath the top section of the metal body in a bracket that is connected to the front glass. The screws are evenly spaced across the full width of the fire. Remember to support the glass with one hand when removing the final screw to make sure it doesn’t fall.

Step two: Tilt the glass forwards

Slowly allow the top of the glass panel to tilt forwards so that it becomes free from the metal frame and the brackets that the screws were removed from are clearly visible.

Step three: Carefully lift the glass

Once the top of the panel is clear of the unit, you can carefully life the bottom of the glass panel from the track that is holding it in place.

Step four: Store the glass carefully

Put the glass in a safe, clean location while you are working inside the fire to avoid causing any damage to it.

Step five: Replace the glass

Follow step one to three in reverse to replace the glass: place the bottom of the panel into the track on the bottom of the unit, gently lift the glass up to meet the top of the unit and screw the four screws back into the brackets.

That’s how to remove the glass on an Ezee Glow Celestial Built-In Electric Fire safely and quickly. The same instructions can be followed for suites including Celestial fires, such as the Ezee Glow 36” Aura Media Wall Electric Suite and Ezee Glow Reflect White Electric Suite 36″.

For a closer look at removing Ezee Glow Celestial glass you might like to watch the video below, which shows the glass removal process from start to finish.

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