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What Is the Highest KW Electric Fire?

Help is at hand if you’re trying to track down the highest kW electric fire.

What is the highester kW electric fire?

If you’re installing an electric fire in a large or particularly cold room, you might be wondering what is the highest kW electric fire to add some warmth to your space. In this article we will look into that and guide you towards a suitable electric fire for your home.

Normally, the highest kW electric fire is 2kW. The vast majority of electric fire manufacturers will top out at 2kW. You might occasionally see a 2.6kW or 2.8kW heat output, but 2kW is ordinarily the highest kW for an electric fire.

This might seem low, particularly if you’ve seen wood-burning stoves with heat outputs of 8kW, 12kW or even higher. But an electric fire heat output doesn’t need to reach those levels for a few reasons:

  1. Electric fires are 100% efficient at the point of use. There’s no need to deliver a higher kW to account for energy that is lost — all the energy generated will go towards heating your room.
  2. Consistent heat output. With an open fire or woodburner the heat generated will have peaks and troughs as fuel burns and new fuel is added — with an electric fire the output is consistent and steady throughout.
  3. 2kW heat output is usually plenty. The highest output electric fires will typically generate around 6,800BTU (british Thermal Units), which is ideal for most medium to large living rooms.

Taken together, these points show that electric fires don’t need a heat output that is a high as other appliances. That’s why the highest kW electric fires have a far lower output — in terms of the kW shown — than other forms of heating. The figures are comparable with the typical heat output you would expect from radiators, which also tend to be in the 1kW-2kW heat output bracket.

Choosing the highest kW electric fire

If you need an electric fire with the highest possible heat output, here are a few ideas of some appliances to consider.

ACR Neo 3F 2 kW Electric Stove

The ACR Neo is one of the electric fires that hits the 2kW heat output we’ve discussed above. It is designed in the style of a contemporary, freestanding wood-burning stove. Take a closer look.

ACR Malvern 2 kW Electric Stove

ACR Malvern Electric Fire

Another electric fire with a 2kW heat output and a wood-burning stove aesthetic. The ACR Malvern offers an electric alternative to woodburners that has plenty of oomph to heat even larger living rooms. Take a closer look.

Ezee Glow 60” Celestial Built-In Media Wall Electric Fire

If you don’t think you’ll need the full 2kW of the highest kW electric fires, you could opt for the 1.6kW heat output of something like the Ezee Glow Celestial Built-In Electric Fire. This stylish media wall fire should generate enough heat for most average-sized living rooms. Take a closer look.

Still looking for the right highest kW electric fire for your home?

If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for in those examples, take a look at our full range of electric fires to see more options.

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