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Photos: Ezee Glow Electric Fires Decorated for Christmas

One of the greatest joys of a fireplace is decorating it for Christmas — and that’s no different when you have an electric fireplace.

With Christmas getting closer, many of our customers are decorating their media walls and electric fire suites to get them looking suitably festive ahead of the big day.

We’ve rounded up a collection of some of the photos of our electric fires that have been shared on social media. Let’s take a look at some of the festive fireplaces featuring Ezee Glow electric fires.

Since Ezee Glow electric fire suites, like the Ezee Glow Aura Electric Fire Suite, come with their own ready-made plinth and storage shelf, they are particularly easy to decorate at Christmas and other times of the year. That’s exactly what Grace from @our.kent.home has demonstrated here.

A variation on that theme comes from @lifewithvikki.raisinggirls. Once again the shelf of the electric fire suite is used to bring a sweep of Christmas decoration to the fireplace. This helps to tie the fireplace in with the Christmas tree and the wider theme of the room.

With media wall electric fires, it’s perhaps slightly harder to achieve the same thing but by no means impossible. As @lifewithjen_’s festive decor shows, you can still run festive garlands across a media wall, even if there is no shelf to help you to achieve this.

The Ezee Glow 50″ Celestial Built-In Electric Fire is adorned by a snowy festive flourish.

If you don’t want to fix decorations directly to your media wall, there is always the option of putting up your tree in close proximity to the wall. You can use the warmth and homeliness of the fire to bring extra cosiness to your Christmas decor.

With Ezee Glow electric fires, the choice of fuel bed colours and flame effects can be used to pull the colour scheme together or to create a pop of contrast. You can see examples below of how @joqueen_and_family, and @house_to_home_no.17 have incorporate Christmas trees into their media wall look.

Still looking for your perfect electric fireplace? Take a look at the options here.

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