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Why Has My Wood-Burning Stove Baffle Warped or Worn?


Has the baffle of your wood-burning stove warped? If so, you might have noticed it looks a bit wonky when you remove it from your stove’s firebox. Equally, it might no longer be sitting correctly when you attempt to re-fit it.

Alternatively, you might have spotted a hole started to form in your baffle plate.

So, what has caused this damage to your baffle?

Warped woodburner baffle

The most common cause of a warped baffle plate is overfiring of your wood-burning stove. Overfiring is when your stove operates at too high a temperature. This can be caused by using too much fuel. It can also be caused operating the stove with the air vents open too wide or operating the stove with door open, both of which allow too much oxygen into your stove.

The high temperatures can cause the baffle or any of your stove’s other internal parts to become warped and misshapen. You can help to avoid this by using a stove pipe thermometer to check your woodburner is operating within recommended temperatures.

Worn woodburner baffle

Overfiring – as detailed above – can also create a hole in your baffle plate in the end.

Another cause of a hole in a baffle is failing to clean it regularly. The baffle plate is a favourite place for hot ashes to settle. If they are allowed to sit for a prolonged period, they might start to corrode the metal and eventually cause a hole to form.

Ensure you frequently remove your baffle plate and clean it.

Baffle problems

Baffles are destined to take a lot of punishment. They are positioned in perhaps the hottest part of the stove with the aim of keeping burning and unburnt gases in the firebox for as long as possible.

Nonetheless, some people can make a wood-burning stove baffle last for several years, while others find they have burned through or warped the baffle within a year. It all comes down to sympathetic stove operation. Check your stove manual for instructions on best practice.

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