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Star Wars Wood Burners

Darth Vader Wood BurnerR2D2 Wood BurnerStormtrooper Wood BurnerDeath Star Wood Burner

Wood-burning stoves come in all sort of shapes and sizes these days, including in the form of Star Wars characters.

Yes, with the help of internet DIY guides, an army – or perhaps an empire – of Star Wars wood burners are now in existence. And don’t they look great?

It is worth pointing out that most of the Star Wars wood burners are made from reused gas cylinders, which are not things to be messing around with if you’re not sure what you’re doing, so these projects are for experienced DIY-ers only.

Of course, a homemade or DIY stove doesn’t include the technology of professionally manufactured appliances. So, while the Darth Vader wood burner probably doesn’t have the sort of heat output, efficiency or features of the stoves we sell, you can at least be sure that the force is strong with it.

As well as the Darth Vader stove, people have also built a range of other Star Wars appliances, including a Stormtrooper woodburner, an R2D2 stove and even a Death Star.

And it doesn’t just stop with Star Wars wood burners, either. As well as the host of Star Wars designs, there are Batman woodburners, Ironman, Alien, Predator and Terminator stoves, plus designs based on VW campers, lorries and even golf bags. We’ve collated some of the most unusual wood-burning stoves, including all of those mentioned in this article, into a Pinterest board. Click here to enjoy some more unusual wood-burning stove designs.

As fun as they are, you might decide you want a wood-burning stove that is a little bit more understated in the end. If that’s the case (or if you can’t convince your other-half is right woodburner for your home), you might want to consider one of the range of wood-burning stoves available on our website.

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