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  • Arada Farringdon Large Black 12kW Stove

    Best Wood Burning Stoves of 2024

    They’re smarter, more environmentally friendly and more efficient than ever. Meet the best wood-burning stoves available in the UK in 2024. When you’re buying a stove for your home sometimes it can be hard to see the wood(burners) for the...

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  • A living room with two leather chairs either side of a newly completed log burner installation

    Log Burner Installation

    Discover everything you need to know about installing a log burner in your home. If you’re thinking about buying a log burner, you’re certainly not alone. Log burners have been hugely popular in the UK for a few years now...

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  • Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves of 2024

    Discover the UK’s top 10 best pellet stoves of 2023. We’ll help you choose the best pellet stove to suit your home and uncover the hottest pellet stove trends right now. If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable...

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  • Do I Need a Flue Liner for My Chimney?

    It is one of the first questions anyone asks when they start thinking about installing a wood-burning stove: do I need to line my chimney? There are three main reasons for fitting a flue liner. The first relates directly to...

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