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Arada Farringdon Large Black 12kW Stove

Best Wood Burning Stoves of 2024

They’re smarter, more environmentally friendly and more efficient than ever. Meet the best wood-burning stoves available in the UK in 2024.

When you’re buying a stove for your home sometimes it can be hard to see the wood(burners) for the trees. With so many appliances from which to choose, just which are the best woodburning stoves?

Perhaps you have a rough idea of what you’re looking for. Do you want your stove’s design to be contemporary or traditional? A wood-burning stove or multi-fuel stove? Cast iron or steel?

Or maybe you’re just hoping to browse until you find what you’re looking for. In any case, you’re probably looking for some wood burning stove reviews and recommendations to help you in your search. So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do here: put together a selection of the best woodburning stoves to give you some ideas and focus your search for your new stove.

Our Top 9 Best Wood Burning Stoves

We’ve established that the best woodburning stoves for one person will not be right for another. That’s going to depend on room size, décor style and other factors. That said, here are some recommended stoves in different heat outputs and different price ranges to cover all bases.

Best 4kW – 6 kW Woodburning Stoves

Perfect for snug spaces and regular living rooms. If you’re not sure, check our stove size calculator.

Best Top-of-the-Range 4kW – 6 kW Woodburning Stove

Arada Holborn 5

Made in the UK, in Devon to be precise, the Arada Holborn marries a traditional woodburning stove appearance with the very latest technology.

Its gentle arches and distinctive handle both point to classic stoves of yesteryear, but there are modern flourishes in the steel construction (covered by a lifetime guarantee) and its many features, including preheated airwash, height adjusting legs and direct air compatibility.

Another stove that is Ecodesign ready, the Holborn is suitable for use in smoke control areas.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 650mm | Width: 484mm | Depth: 371mm
    • Stove efficiency: 79.8%
    • Heat Output: 4.9kW
    • Fuel: Wood
    • Max log size: 300mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes

Suitable for:

    • Regular sized living rooms
    • Modern or timeless décor



Best Mid-Range 4kW – 6kW Woodburning Stove

Arizona A05

With its 5kW heat output, the Arizona A05 stove is ideally sized for most living rooms. Its boxy shape and low-profile feet and top give it an eye-catching, contemporary look.

The stove body is constructed from steel, which has been manipulated into its impressive yet understated design, and is guaranteed for five years.

The A05 is Ecodesign ready and DEFRA exempt, which means it can be installed even in cities and towns within smoke control areas.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 530mm | Width: 430mm | Depth: 310mm
    • Stove efficiency: 82.5% (wood), 76.9% (anthracite)
    • Heat Output: 4.9kW (wood) | 6.7kW (solid fuel)
    • Fuel: Wood or smokeless fuel
    • Max log size: 300mm x 100mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes

Suitable for:

    • Normal and slightly larger living rooms

    • Contemporary design


Best Value 4kW – 6 kW Woodburning Stove

Mazona Ripley 4kW

The Mazona Ripley 4kW multi-fuel stove is the perfect woodburning stove for small rooms, cabins, caravans and other compact spaces.

It boasts a very sleek contemporary design. Just look at those simple, gentle lines and ultra-modern steel detailing. The high-quality steel body is covered by a five-year guarantee.

And it’s not just the design that’s at the forefront of modernity. The Mazona Ripley 4kW is also built in accordance with the Ecodesign regulations that will come into effect in the UK and EU in 2022. That means it is built to the highest standards of efficiency and has been tested to meet exacting low emissions.

As you’d expect given those credentials, it is also exempted by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 487mm | Width: 380mm | Depth: 292mm
    • Stove efficiency: 79.2%
    • Heat Output: 4.5 kW
    • Fuel: Wood or smokeless fuel
    • Max log size: 250mm x 100mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes

Suitable for:

    • Snug space
    • Clean, contemporary looks


Best 6kW – 9 kW Woodburning Stoves

Right for larger spaces or cooler rooms. If you’re not sure, check our stove size calculator.

Best Top-of-the-Range 6kW – 9kW Woodburning Stove

Arada Ecoburn 7

Arada Stoves’ unadulterated, contemporary designs are immediately recognisable, and this Ecoburn 7 kW is a great example.

Made in the UK from high quality steel that is covered by a lifetime guarantee, this appliance offers plenty of heat as well as spectacular views of the flames inside the firebox.

The Ecoburn 7 includes a pre-heated airwash system to keep the glass sparkling clean.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 631mm | Width: 518mm | Depth: 410mm
    • Stove efficiency: 79.8% (wood) / 81.2% (smokeless fuel)
    • Heat Output: 7.1kW
    • Fuel: Wood (with optional solid fuel kit for smokeless fuel)
    • Max log size: 375mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes

Suitable for:

    • Large living spaces
    • Timeless aesthetics

Take a closer look


Best Mid-Range 6kW – 9 kW Woodburning Stove

Mazona Ripley 8kW

A bigger version of the namesake stoves featured above, the Mazona Ripley 8 kW has sufficient heat output to bring warmth to even large rooms.

It is Ecodesign ready, which means it operates at the highest levels of efficiency and environmental friendliness, and is exempt by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas.

A stylish, clean, contemporary design and quality steel construction are enhanced by that remarkable viewing pane, which affords landscape views of the fire inside.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 530mm | Width: 490mm | Depth: 362mm
    • Stove efficiency: 79.6%
    • Heat Output: 8.4kW
    • Fuel: Wood and smokeless fuel
    • Max log size: 350mm x 150mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes
Suitable for:
    • Heating larger living rooms
    • Sleek, minimal lines


Best Value 6kW – 9kW Woodburning Stove

Mazona Warwick 8kW

The timeless Mazona Warwick 8 kW brings a modern twist to traditional woodburning stove design. Its high-quality steel body — covered by a five-year warranty — with contrasting brass-coloured controls is the perfect addition to your living room if you want to combine the classic and contemporary.

The design is indicative of a level of attention afforded to this woodburning stove that is not usually seen in stoves in a similar price bracket.

This appliance is Ecodesign ready and exempted by DEFRA for use in smoke control areas due to its efficient burn.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 581mm | Width: 490mm | Depth: 327mm
    • Stove efficiency: 79.4%
    • Heat Output: 8.1kW
    • Fuel: Wood and smokeless fuel
    • Max log size: 250mm x 150mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes

Suitable for:

    • Bringing warmth to bigger rooms
    • Traditional woodburning stove looks


Best 9kW+ Woodburning Stoves

Ideal for larger rooms and open-plan spaces. If you’re not sure, check our stove size calculator.

Best Top-of-the-Range 9kW+ Woodburning Stove

Invicta Boheme 14kW

If you’ve got a big room to heat and you want to turn heating it into a feature rather than a challenge, look no further than the Invicta Boheme. Stoves — and design statements — don’t come much bigger than this most eye-catching of woodburning stoves.

As well as producing an impressive heat output of 14 kW, which is capable of heating rooms of up to 224m², this appliance is a great piece of design in its own right. It looks sensational when freestanding in a room. The ceramic tiled finish creates an unusual but very attractive look.

The large firebox means this stove can take logs of up to 550mm in length — perfect for achieving a long burn time boosted by Invicta’s state-of-the-art combustion technology.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 1005mm | Width: 990mm | Depth: 502mm
    • Stove efficiency: 72.3%
    • Heat Output: 14kW
    • Fuel: Wood
    • Max log size: 550mm
    • DEFRA exempt: No
    • Ecodesign ready: No

Suitable for:

    • Cottages and large open-plan spaces
    • A rustic feel

Best Mid-Range 9kW+ Woodburning Stove

Arada Farringdon Large Eco Grey

The beautiful lines of the Arada Farringdon will bring the highest standards of design and British manufacturing to any larger space. Its 12kW heat output is enough to bring a welcome boost of warmth to even the biggest rooms.

A traditional freestanding woodburner silhouette is enhanced by contemporary looks, non-smoker paint and a chic grey finish.

This highly efficient stove is exempted for use in smoke control areas, surpasses Ecodesign standards and is energy efficiency class (EEC) A-rated.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 615mm | Width: 435mm | Depth: 666mm
    • Stove efficiency: 77%
    • Heat Output: 12kW
    • Fuel: Wood and smokeless fuel
    • Max log size: 500mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes
Suitable for:
    • Heating large rooms
    • Chic, contemporary spaces

Best Value 9kW+ Woodburning Stove

Arada Farringdon Large Eco Black

With all the same incredible design and features as the grey version we featured above, the Arada Farringdon’s black version sneaks in as our best value option because you can save a few pounds by opting for the traditional black paint.

While the colouring may be traditional, the paint itself is non-smoker and the construction of the stove oozes modernity.

A 12kW heat output has all the oomph needed to make open-plan spaces and very large rooms feel cosy, while also achieving efficiency levels that go beyond Ecodesign standards.

Key Features

    • Stove dimensions: Height: 615mm | Width: 435mm | Depth: 666mm
    • Stove efficiency: 77%
    • Heat Output: 12kW
    • Fuel: Wood and smokeless fuel
    • Max log size: 500mm
    • DEFRA exempt: Yes
    • Ecodesign ready: Yes
Suitable for:
    • Heating large rooms
    • Accentuating modern décor



Choosing the Best Woodburning Stove for Your Home

Finding the best wood burning stove for your home means considering the right things to guide you towards the correct choice. The sheer quantity of woodburning stoves on the market and the amount of choice available can be overwhelming. But using these factors to narrow down your search — and combining them with your personal preference and your budget — will help you to find the best log burner for your home.

Choosing The Right Woodburning Stove Size

The dimensions of a wood burning stove will help to determine whether a woodburner fits and heats the space properly.

Small woodburning stoves are best for smaller rooms, bedrooms, sheds, static caravans and other snug spaces. These smaller spaces benefit from compact stoves that don’t take up too much room or create an overpowering amount of heat. Medium-sized stoves are suitable for open-plan living and regular living rooms. The bigger dimensions of large stoves create enough heat for large, open spaces and rooms with high ceilings. They also create a focal point that’s suitably grand for a larger space.

Things to consider when choosing stove size

Room size: How big is the space you need to heat? Use our stove size calculator to guide you towards the right wood burning stove size.

Insulation: Is your home well-insulated? Rooms that retain heat will need smaller stoves than those that are draughty.

Building regulations: You’ll need to make sure any stove you’re considering would leave enough space for combustible objects to comply with legal requirements.

Your space: Does the stove need to fit in an existing fireplace or within a particular part of the room? You’ll need to find a stove that’s the right shape and size to match the space.

Choosing The Right Woodburning Stove Heat Output

Different woodburning stoves have different heat outputs. Woodburning stove heat outputs are measured in kilowatts (kW) and are usually shown in the name of the woodburner. For example, the Mazona Ripley 4 kW Ecodesign Ready Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove or the Arada Farringdon Large Eco Black 12 kW Stove.

The greater the heat output, the bigger the room a stove can heat. At the other end of the scale, a stove with a large heat output can be overpowering in a small room. A 4 kW stove would be perfect for a snug space but ineffective in a large, open-plan room. A powerful 12 kW will heat larger rooms but could make the snug space uncomfortably hot. With that in mind, it’s important to choose a woodburner that’s the right size for the space you want to heat.

You can narrow your search using a stove size calculator to find out the best woodburning stove heat output for your room.

Choosing An Efficient & Eco-Friendly Woodburning Stove

Ecodesign Ready stoves are made to the new Europe-wide Ecodesign standard, which came into effect in January 2022 to help lower emissions from stoves and other heating, lighting and cooling products. Like other appliances, woodburning stoves must now meet higher levels of efficiency in order to be sold. When you see that a stove is Ecodesign Ready, you know that it meets the standards.

You might live in a smoke control area, in which case you will need to choose from a list of DEFRA-exempt stoves. Most Ecodesign Ready stoves already meet the requirements for use in smoke control areas, so you’ll find many DEFRA-approved stoves on this list.

For more information on fitting a stove, see our full guide on Log Burner Installation.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our rundown of the best woodburning stoves available in the UK right now. As you’ve seen, there is a lot of variety in stove size, installation type and design available. That makes it great to find a woodburning stove that’s perfect for your requirement but harder to pick out a single stove as the best. Given a regular-sized living room and a standard installation, it’s difficult to look past the beautiful design, affordability and incredible efficiency of the Mazona Ripley 8kW. If that’s not quite right for your requirements, there’s plenty of choice.

About Gr8Fires

We’re experienced independent suppliers of a wide range of heating products, including wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves and electric fires. We’ve been selling heating appliances for more than three decades and selling woodburners online from our website since 2009. We enjoy sharing the knowledge we’ve built up over that time with our customers and anyone who happens across our website.

Although we’ve tried to pick a good cross-section of the best woodburning stoves in this article, there are many other options. If you haven’t seen what you’re looking for, visit our website to check out our full range of woodburning stoves at very competitive prices.

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