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Gr8Fires woodburners in glamping tents at Dale Farm campsite

Gr8Fires woodburners in glamping tents at Dale Farm campsite

Our woodburners pop up in all sorts of locations, but few are as idyllic as the stoves bought from us by the Dale Farm campsite in Great Longstone, Derbyshire.

Arada Hardy Hamlet multi-fuel stoves provide warmth and cosiness to the comfort bell tent at Dale Farm. Now that’s our sort of camping holiday!

Joanna Shimwell, who runs the campsite on her family farm, kindly shares photos of the tent on social media. Many of them show the GBS Mariner adorning the site or warming the tent ahead of Dale Farm’s next guests.

Here are a selection of those photos.

Get your own Hardy Hamlet stove

Whether you’ve got a tipi or a snug space in your home, the Arada Hardy Hamlet is a great option to provide some much needed warmth. The contemporary design and sleek lines of this stove make it the perfect fit for any modern living space.

It’s available at a very reasonable price of just £245 (correct at time of writing), which means you get a beautiful stove for a fraction of the price of many designer stoves.

Take a closer look at the Hardy Hamlet 4kW multi-fuel stove.

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