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Which Type of Electric Fireplace Is Best for My Home?

Find the right type of electric fireplace for your home

Are you wondering which type of electric fireplace would be best suited to your home? Maybe you already have a chimney breast and fireplace opening that’s suitable for an electric inset fire. Or perhaps you’ve a large living room in which you’d like to install a media wall fire.

Every type of electric fireplace has its own benefits — and there are lots of types from which to choose. Read on to learn about them and find the ideal fit for your home.

Built-In Electric Fires

Also known as hole-in-the-wall electric fires, built-in electric fires are recessed within walls. At the moment the most popular type of built-in electric fires are media wall electric fires, which are installed within false chimney breasts or other stud wall constructions.

Built-in electric fires come in various sizes, which makes them suitable for everything from modest media walls in snug spaces through to fires that span large sections of a wall. For something in between those two extremes take a look at the Ezee Glow 50” Celestial Built-In Media Wall Electric Fire. You have a choice of 1-sided, 2-sided or 3-sided options. A seven-day timer option and remote control gives you ample control, while you can also choose from 12 different fuel bed colours and three flame effects.

Electric Inset Fires

Electric inset fires are designed to fit into a pre-existing hole — usually a standard fireplace opening. This makes them perfect if you want to upgrade your existing fireplace. Electric inset fires simply plug into a regular socket.

The Dimplex Delius Chrome Inset Optiflame Electric Fire is perfect for sprucing up a fireplace because its chrome effect details and fret are reminiscent of open fires. It fits straight into a 16-inch or 18-inch fireplace.

Electric Fire Suites

If you don’t want to undertake construction work or you’re renting your home, an electric fire suite is a great way to introduce a modern electric fireplace that can be easily installed and moved. Suites usually include a built-in electric fire within a pre-built surround and plinth.

The Ezee Glow Reflect White Electric Suite 50″ is a great example. It comes with a choice of 10 fuel bed colours with a selection of decorative logs, glass crystals and charred wood pieces for your fuel bed. It incorporates storage space that can be used to hold decorations, consoles or anything you need to store.

Electric Wall Fires

Wall mounted or wall hung fires will allow you to free up floor space in your home. If you’ve got a smaller space or you just don’t want your fireplace to take up too much room, they’re the perfect option. It’s a great way to bring a bare wall to life. Many wall fires can also be recessed, if that’s your preference.

A great example of an electric wall fire is the Ezee Glow Mini Zara Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire. You can place your television above or below it because it features a front-facing heater that allows you to heat your room without compromising on design. Its LED flame effects include a colour choice of warm orange, cool blue or a mix of the two, and it can all be controlled with a slim-line remote control.

Electric Stoves

If you’re looking to create the wood-burning stove look in your home, an electric stove could be the way to go. It should be said they are far more than fake log burners. For an electric fireplace that’s low in price, has no installation cost, and can be easily moved to different locations in your home, electric stoves are a great option. All you need is a regular plug socket

Have a look at the Ezee Glow Crescent Electric Stove. It’s a compact, versatile and stylish electric stove. It is Ecodesign compliant, featuring an efficient LED flame effect and flame-only setting. That makes as cost-effective to run as it is to buy.

Have you found the best type of electric fireplace for your home?

Hopefully, this has answered any questions you had about different types of electric fireplace. If you haven’t seen the type of fireplace you’re looking for, you’ll find our full range of electric fireplaces here.

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