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Photos: Ezee Glow Zara Installation in Media Wall Build

Follow the progress of this Ezee Glow Zara installation from start to finish.

Ezee Glow Zara installation media wall

It’s long been one of our best-selling electric fires, and this Ezee Glow Zara installation goes a long way to showing why it’s so popular.

DJH Joinery kindly shared photos showing how this media wall build — with the Ezee Glow Zara installed at is heart — progressed.

One of the key benefits of this fire is its versatility. In addition to being recessed in a media wall as shown here, the Ezee Glow Zara can also be wall mounted. It’s also a very affordable electric fire if you’re looking for a centrepiece for your media wall that won’t break the bank.

Let’s take a look at how this Ezee Glow Zara media wall was built.

Blank canvas

The project started with an existing fireplace having been removed and a blank canvas to work with. While we don’t have a ‘before’ photo in the truest sense, the evidence of where the fireplace, hearth and mantelpiece had once been gives some sense of the transformation that’s about to unfold.

Building the frame

The next step was for DJH Joinery to build the frame of the media wall. The wall runs across the full length of what would once have been the living room but now forms part of a larger, open-plan space.

You can see that special attention has been paid to curve the top of the media wall so that it complements the existing coving where it meets the ceiling.

Adding plasterboard

At this stage, the frame was turned into a fully formed media wall through the addition of plasterboard, which is probably the most common material for media wall builds. This helps to form the shelving, recesses and outer body of the media wall.

Another important addition at this stage was the Ezee Glow Zara Electric Fire. This fire can be simply place into the recess and then anchored into the surrounding wall.

The finished media wall

The project was now on the home-straight, but there was still plenty of work for DJH Joinery to do. As well as skimming and painting the wall itself, there was also the addition of LED lighting in the recess shelving and Shaker style cupboard doors to create convenient storage in the lower recesses.

Ezee Glow Zara installation

Start your Ezee Glow Zara installation

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