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Photos: DIY Media Wall Build and Ezee Glow Celestial Installation

See how this DIY media wall build project progressed in our customer’s home.

DIY media wall build project

If you know your way around a toolbox, a DIY media wall build project is very simple to achieve. If you’d be comfortable building a stud wall, constructing a media wall is no more complicated than that.

Undertaking a DIY media wall build also means you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money in your media wall build cost.

Richard Cook is one of many of our customers who opt to go down the DIY route when building a media wall in their home. He has kindly shared photos showing how his project progressed, which we’re now able to share with you.

Again, like many of our customers, Richard opted for the hugely popular Ezee Glow 50″ Celestial Built-In Electric Fire to sit at the heart of his new media wall. If that’s not the right size or style for what you’ve got planned, you’ll find a full range of media wall electric fires on our website.

Now, let’s take a look at how Richard’s DIY media wall build project progressed.

1. Constructing a base

The first step of Richard’s project was to construct a base on which his Ezee Glow Celestial fire would sit. Other electric fires may have different installation requirements, so it’s always worth checking before starting your build.

As you can see, Richard’s lower frame is constructed from timber with risers joining the two rectangular bases.

2. Building the upper frame

Richard then moved on to creating an upper frame, which is fixed to the wall above the Ezee Glow Celestial electric fire, which is getting a test run in the photo Richard shared with us.

The upper frame will ultimately house the TV but in the first instance creates the main structure of the wall.

3. Completing the structure

Next, Richard added additional lengths of timber to create a TV recess and provide extra support from the upper frame. It was then time to start cladding the timber to take it from being a frame to a wall.

4. Finishing touches

Richard completed his project with a decorative cladding, which creates a really attractive finish to the media wall. He left recesses either side of the fire to leave the glass sides of the Ezee Glow Celestial on display and create a 3-sided electric fireplace.

Two small recesses have also been created below the fire to create small shelving alcoves that can be used for storage or decoration.

5. Sit back and enjoy

You can see Richard’s complete media wall project in action in the video above.

Ready to start your own DIY media wall build?

If you’re ready to create your own DIY media wall build, we’ve got lots of resources to help you with your project:

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