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How the Ollertons Transformed an Awkward Under-Stair Space into a Stylish Media Wall

Photos: @ourcheshirehouse

Media walls are a hugely popular feature at the moment. Households across the UK are saving floorspace and creating a tidy, modern look by recessing electric fires and TVs into walls.

Ordinarily, this involves constructing a stud wall to form a faux chimney breast on the biggest wall in the living room. But Cheshire family the Ollertons showed some great initiative in order to get the media wall they wanted and also make better use of an under-utilised space beneath their staircase.

“I would highly recommend doing this.”

Charlotte, @ourcheshirehouse

On their @ourcheshirehouse Instagram account, the Ollertons showed how the awkward under-stair space had initially been home to a two-seat sofa, side table and shelves. The cramped seating area has now been converted into useful storage.

Charlotte, who runs the account, explained: “We had space under the stairs that we felt wasn’t truly utilised.

“We didn’t want to lose the space, so we installed a door from the kitchen side to turn it into a cupboard.”

By adding a stud wall sitting flush to the existing wall and a small frame in front of it, they were able to create the perfect canvas for a media wall incorporating our Ezee Glow Zara Built-In Electric Fire and a TV.

Charlotte continued: “The outer frame builds the false chimney breast, we centred the frame in the middle of the wall so it looks nice and symmetrical.

“The frames within this are built to fit the TV and fire in. The fireplace just slots into the frame and sits on it. The gap for the TV was measured to fit a 65” TV with a couple of inches around the edge.”

The wires go through a whole in the plasterboard to the newly-created cupboard behind, where media appliances such as a Sky box and Xbox sit on a shelf. And with the addition or a door from the kitchen into the new space, it also provides useful space for cleaning products and other kitchen items.

Charlotte is delighted with the outcome. She said: “It’s a much better use of space and has allowed us to rearrange furniture and order a corner sofa like we’ve always wanted. And to top it off we’ve got more storage!

“We were working with a budget. Thanks to the amazing Gr8Fires and searching for deals on ao, we were able to get the TV and fire for less than £1000!”

If you’d like to recreate the look in your own home, the Ollertons chose the Ezee Glow Zara Electric Fire.

Creating your own media wall?

You’ll find lots more ideas, inspiration and information in our FREE guide ‘How To Create The Perfect Media Wall‘.


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