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How to Change the Fuel Bed Colour on Ezee Glow Celestial Built-in Electric Fires

One of the many great features of the Ezee Glow Celestial built-in electric fires is the option to change the colour of the fuel bed.

Whether you want to set the right mood in your living room, match your decor or seasonal decorations or just have a bit of a change of scenery, changing the fuel bed colour is a fantastic interior design tool to have at your disposal.

Once you have set up and completed the Ezee Glow Celestial fuel bed installation by adding the ceramic logs, crystals and charred wood to the fuel-bed tray, you can use the LED lights embedded below the fuel bed to really set the scene.

If you own an Ezee Glow Celestial built-in electric fire and haven’t worked out how to change the fuel bed colour, let’s look at how to do that.

Changing the Ezee Glow Celestial built-in electric fire fuel bed colour

You change the fuel-bed colour of the Ezee Glow Celestial built-in electric fire using the fire unit’s control panel.

Press the button on the far left of the control panel to change the fuel bed colour.

Press the button once to change to the next colour. There are 12 colour options available. The display on the fire will indicate which colour number is currently in use. Keep pressing the button to reach the desired colour or choose programme 11 to automatically cycle through all the options, like to can see in the video below.

Once you know your favourite colour options you can quickly skip to those as and when you want to.

When you have selected your preferred fuel bed colour, the fuel bed will continue to be lit by that colour until you turn off the appliance using the power button.

When you turn the fire appliance back on, your fuel bed will still be set to the colour that was most recently in use (unless it was turned off at the socket).

If you want another way to change the look of your fuel bed, why not add extra ceramic logs?

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