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3-Sided Electric Fires — Stunning Design Features for Media Walls

Discover stunning 3-sided electric fires to create the perfect focal point in your room.

If you’re planning on building a media wall in your living room, you might be looking at options for 3-sided electric fires to take pride of place at the heart of your new feature wall.

A relatively recent design development, 3-sided electric fires are a hugely popular trend at the moment, and it’s easy to see why.

Why are 3-sided electric fires so popular?

Great views from every angle — With 3-sided electric fires it doesn’t matter where in the room you’re sitting, you always have a stunning view of the flames dancing around inside the fire.

3D visual depth — The 3D aspect of 3-sided electric fires gives an interesting depth of vision and sense of space that accentuates the effect of built-in electric fires.

Open and airy — By allowing light across the full width of your media wall, 3-sided electric fires give a feeling of openness that you don’t get from a fully recessed electric fire.

Of course, 3-sided electric fires also boast some of the benefits that apply to other media wall electric fires, including 100% efficiency at the point of use, realistic LED flame effects, and tidy, space-saving installation options.

3-sided electric fire installations

There are various different ways in which you can install 3-sided electric fires. While the only real limitations around the media wall you construct are the size of the room, the dimensions of the fire and your imagination, 3-sided electric fire installations broadly fall into one of two groups.

Full-width 3-sided electric fire installations

Some people opt to install their 3-sided electric fire so that the appliance is running across the full width of the media wall. In this type of installation, the three glass sides of the electric fire effectively become part of the wall of the media wall. You can see some examples of that type of 3-sided electric fire installation below.

Recessed 3-sided electric fire installation

The other most popular installation option for 3-sided electric fires is to recess the appliance slightly. In this configuration, the walls of the media wall will typically be wider than the fire. The media wall may also overhang the fire slightly. You can see some examples of that type of 3-sided electric fire installation below.

Recommended 3-sided electric fires

The obvious choices for our recommended 3-sided electric fires are the range of Ezee Glow Celestial Built-In Electric Fires:


  • Ezee Glow 36” Celestial Built-In Electric Fire

  • Ezee Glow 50” Celestial Built-In Electric Fire

  • Ezee Glow 60” Celestial Built-In Electric Fire

  • Ezee Glow 72” Celestial Built-In Electric Fire
  • We’re calling them 3-sided electric fires, but in reality they are 1, 2 or 3-sided electric fires: you simply have to remove a couple of screws and a metal panel to reveal as many glass sides as you need for your installation. It is the Ezee Glow Celestial in various sizes that feature in the photos above — so you just need to choose the right size for your room.

    In addition to the benefits of 3-sided electric fires discussed above, the Ezee Glow Celestial media wall electric fires also boast:

    • Choice of 12 LED fuel bed colours
    • 3 realistic flame effect options
    • 7-day timer
    • Remote control
    • 1.4-1.6kW heat output

    3-sided electric fires with no media wall

    If you would like a 3-sided electric fire but you don’t want to build a media wall, a great option to consider is the Ezee Glow Aura Electric Suite. That features a 3-sided Ezee Glow electric fire in the sort of recessed configuration we discussed above. But it comes as part of a ready-made suite so you don’t need to undertake any construction work.

    It is available in two size options:

    Still got questions about your media wall?

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