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Social Content Terms and Conditions

Sometimes we see social media posts about our products that we’d love to feature on our own website and other marketing materials. This gives us the chance to show off our products as effectively as our customers already do. When we do this, we’ll usually comment on the original post asking you to respond if you’re happy for us to go ahead.

By approving our request, you are granting us the right to save your original post and to include it on our website and our other marketing materials. If you’d like to change your mind in future, get in touch and we will remove your content at the earliest practical opportunity. Online, this is usually within a few weeks. For other media, like print, we’ll remove your content as early as we can bearing in mind the restrictions placed on us by print runs and ad campaign sign-offs and timings.

If you have any questions, we’d be delighted to hear from you via

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