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Have you considered installing a wood-burning stove... in your car?

No, neither have we.

But that’s because you and I just aren’t as creatively minded (or eccentric) as this gentleman. His name is Pascal Prokop and earlier this year he decided that bitterly cold weather in his native Switzerland, coupled with the heating system breaking in his trusty Volvo, only left him with one option: installing a wood-burning stove in his car.

The 38-year-old, who lives just outside Zurich, removed the passenger seat from his 1990 Volvo 240 and put the stove in its place. A chimney runs from the stove and out through the roof of the car, ensuring that Pascal doesn’t die from smoke inhalation and can continue his journey in pleasant warmth.

Having said that, he appears to drive around in a very large coat for someone sitting in such close proximity to a stove, so perhaps he’s still working out how to operate a stove efficiently.

The customised vehicle might not immediately scream health and safety compliance, but Swiss officials are happy enough and have granted Pascal a permit from the technical inspection authority. That means he can legally take his stovemobile on the road.

If you’re feeling particularly geeky on your wood-burning stove knowledge, the model in Pascal’s Volvo appears to be an A.G. Offenfabrik Sursee.

All that got us thinking of the most suitable cars in which to install wood-burning stoves. We thought perhaps a Vauxhall Ashtra or a Porsche Fireboxster.

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