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Best Small Woodburning Stoves

Best Small Woodburning Stoves

Explore some outstanding small woodburning stoves.

Shop for small wood-burning stoves like the Mazona Warwick 4kW.

Have you got a tiny room or snug space that you want to give a boost of wood-burning warmth? If so, you’ll probably need a small wood-burning stove to give you the cosiness you’re looking for. Let’s explore the world of small wood-burning stoves in detail.

Introducing small wood-burning stoves

Size isn’t everything.

If you’re looking for a small wood-burning stove for a compact room, a cabin or a caravan, or you want a stove that will supplement rather than replace another heating supply, then you will find what you’re looking for in this article.

In smaller spaces, a powerful wood-burning stove will not only look out of place, it will also give off an overpowering amount heat. That’s where a more compact stove can be effective.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of the best small wood-burning stoves along with some guidance to help you find the best stove for your home.

What are small wood-burning stoves?

There is no fixed definition of a small wood-burning stove. For the purposes of this article, we’re focusing on woodburners and multi-fuel stoves with a heat output of 4kW.

Most stove manufacturers have a 4kW wood-burning stove as their entry-level appliance, which means a stove of this stove is best-suited to small spaces.

Of course, small wood-burning stoves aren’t always defined by their heat output. You might be thinking in terms of dimensions in order to find an appliance that will fit in the place you want to put it. In that case, you might like to read our article What Is The Smallest Wood-Burning Stove?, which looks at small wood-burning stove by height, width and depth.

How much warmth do you get from small wood-burning stoves?

Small wood-burning stoves can still pump out an impressive amount of heat. As long as you’re installing the stove in a suitable space and not one that is too large for it to heat effectively, you’ll still be able to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Where should you install small wood-burning stoves?

Small wood-burning stoves are usually a good option for caravans, boats, barges, cabins, sheds, outbuildings, summerhouses and garages. But it’s not just mobile homes and annexes that are suitable for small wood-burning stoves. They’re also a great option for snugs and other small rooms in your home.

As we’ll go on to discuss below, whether it makes sense to install a small wood-burning stove is really down to the size of the space you want to heat.

Why buy a small wood-burning stove?

One of the key benefits of wood-burning stoves is the glorious heat that they generate and spread around your room. But if your room happens to be on the smaller size, that heat can cross the boundary from cosy to uncomfortable.

It’s important to buy a stove with a heat output that’s suited to the dimensions of the room in which it’s going to be installed. You can use our stove size calculator to find the right heat output for your space.

If the calculator suggests you need a heat output of less than 4kW (or if you’re in the 4kW – 6kW bracket and know your room is particularly cool or draughty), you’ll need to consider one of the small wood-burning stoves featured below.

We’ve rounded up some of our most popular small wood-burning stoves for you to consider. With a range of different designs and styles to choice from, you’re sure to find the right stove for your space.

1. Mazona Ripley 4 kW Ecodesign Ready Multi-Fuel Stove

Mazona Ripley 4kW multi-fuel stove

The Mazona Ripley is one of our most popular small wood-burning stoves. Its 4kW heat output is perfect for snug spaces. As well as boasting a stylish contemporary appearance, it is also made in accordance with Ecodesign regulations (which means it is very efficient). Take a closer look.

2. Mazona Warwick 4 kW Ecodesign Ready Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

The Mazona Warwick boasts a classic design and a very affordable price tag, which makes it the cheapest of the small wood-burning stoves we currently stock. The high quality steel stove body is just 370mm wide, which makes it ideal to install in even the snuggest of rooms. The 4kW heat output will be toasty but not overpowering in small spaces. Take a closer look.

3. Arada Hamlet Solution 4 (S4) Ecodesign Ready Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

The delightful little Arada Hamlet Solution 4 is the smallest stove we currently stock at just 334mm wide. That makes it ideal for compact rooms. Made in Britain by Devon-based Arada Stoves, this stove offers high quality engineering and timeless woodburner design. Take a closer look.

4. Arada Lagom 4 kW Steel Woodburning Stove Black

The Arada Lagom is bigger in stature than the other small wood-burning stoves on this list, but it retains a 4kW heat output. As a result, it delivers the aesthetics of a freestanding contemporary woodburner without the overpowering heat. Whereas stoves in this sort of design typically produce a heat output of 10-12kW, the Lagom’s modest 4kW output makes it ideal for smaller rooms or very well insulated open-plan spaces. Take a closer look.

Want more inspiration? Check out our full range of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves at

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