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Introducing the new Mazona Bedford Eco 5kW Multi-Fuel Stove

Enjoy modern design and timeless looks with the Mazona Bedford

Mazona Bedford multi-fuel stove

Meet the all-new Mazona Bedford Eco 5kW Multi-Fuel Stove.

This super-efficient, stylish woodburner is the latest addition to the best-selling Mazona Stoves collection of appliances.

We’re expecting the Mazona Bedford to establish itself as one of the best wood burning stoves on the market and become a firm favourite among our customers. Let’s explore some of the reasons for that.

High efficiency

The Mazona Bedford boasts an 82.5% efficiency rating, which means you’ll get more heat from every log you burn. For comparison, the efficiency of an open fire can be as little as 20%. The Bedford also has an Energy Efficiency Index class of A+.

Ecodesign compliant

The Mazona Bedford’s high levels of efficiency are formalised in the fact that it meets Ecodesign regulations. These are the UK and EU regulations that govern the efficiency — and therefore the environmentally friendliness — of a wide range of products, including wood-burning stoves.

Convenient 5kW heat output

The Mazona Bedford’s 5kW heat output is perfect for most regular-sized living rooms. It will provide a welcome boost of warmth without becoming overpowering. Ideal for create a cosy home this winter.

Timeless aesthetics

With its stripped back yet classic design, the Mazona Bedford is suitable for a wide range of properties and interior design styles. It will look perfectly at home in a period property but will also add a touch of authenticity and an eye-catching focal point to contemporary homes. Look at the elegant detailing around the edges of the stove body and the decorative legs.

Mazona Bedford multi-fuel stove

Large viewing window

Just look at that viewing pane. The Mazona Bedford’s generously proportioned glass offers you sensational views of the flames dancing around inside the firebox. The bevelled effect of the design even frames the flames in the style of a picture frame. The result is the best view from your sofa.

See more of the Mazona Bedford

If everything you’ve read so far sounds like the sort of multi-fuel stove that you’d like for your home, you can find out more about the Mazona Bedford Eco 5kW in our online store.

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