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Introducing Artel Pellet Stoves — innovative, high-efficiency heating for your home

Meet our new collection of pellet stoves

Artel Pellet Stoves

New to are these stylish, contemporary pellet stoves from Italian manufacturer Artel.

These appliances are the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, combining Artel’s 40 years of manufacturing experience with the very latest technology.

Let’s look at that technology in a bit more detail.

Top features of Artel’s pellet stoves

All of the pellet stoves in the Artel range include:

Magic glass

Don’t worry about cleaning the pellet stove out before visitors arrive because it’s only visible when the stove is in use. Artel’s magic glass ensures you get the best of both worlds: stunning views of the flames when your pellet stove is lit, and stylish tempered glass at other times.

Easy to use

All of the pellet stoves in the collection include fully automatic ignition and automated pellet feeding from a storage tank. Heat your home and create a cosy atmosphere with minimal maintenance and no hassle.


Artel pellet stoves deliver up to 97% efficiency, with all appliances built in accordance with Ecodesign regulations and offering either A+ or A++ energy efficiency. The benefits of this are that nearly all of the energy created goes towards heating your home and that your stove delivers a more environmentally friendly burn. No wonder efficiency is one of the top reasons to buy a pellet stove.

Thermostatic control

Set your Artel pellet stove at the perfect temperature for your home with a thermostatic control. Avoid overheating and wasted energy.

WiFI controls

All Artel pellet stoves are suitable to be used with WiFI connectivity. Easily switch the stove on and off from your phone for a convenient boost of warmth.


Get total peace of mind with a three-year warranty covering your Artel pellet stove.

Finding the right Artel pellet stove for your home

There are plenty of other great features to be found within Artel appliances. It’s just a case of finding the best pellet stove for your requirements. Here are a few things to consider:

Top or rear flue

All Artel pellet stoves include a rear flue outlet. If you want the flue to go straight up through your property, the Artel Futura 9 Pellet Stove and Artel Linea Aria Mini 5.S Pellet Stove and Artel Subtile XS6 Pellet Stove all include a choice of top or rear flue outlets.


The Artel Futura 9 Pellet Stove and Artel Hydro 17 Thermo Pellet Stove both feature double-door designs: one internal door to the combustion chamber and a stylish outer door. This ensures that neither efficiency nor aesthetics are compromised.

Heat radiators

All of the Artel Hydro pellet stoves, like the Artel Hydro 24 Thermo Pellet Stove Grey pictured above, are boiler stoves. They can be plumbed into your central heating to heat up radiators or create hot water for your taps.

Heat adjoining rooms

The Artel Redonda 12C Ducted Pellet Stove can be ducted so that the warm generated from its 8kW heat output can be shared across two adjoining rooms and spread further around your home.

Right size

Whether you’re heating a snug space or a large living room, there’s an Artel pellet stove that’s perfectly suited to your requirements. The Artel Linea Aria Mini 5.S Pellet Stove has a 4kW heat output and the slimline Artel Subtile XS6 Pellet Stove has a depth of just 250mm. At the other end of the scale, the Artel Hydro 24 Thermo Pellet Stove Grey has a 21kW heat output.

Explore more Artel pellet stoves

If you like what you’ve seen so far, you can see more Artel pellet stoves on our website. Take a closer look.

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