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How we keep our prices so low at Gr8 Fires

How we keep our prices so low at Gr8 Fires

If you’re wondering why our prices are so low compared to other heating appliance retailers, you’re not alone. It’s a question we’re often asked — and one we’re always happy to answer.

There are a few key ways in which we’re able to keep prices lower than others and offer you the best value for your money when you’re buying a new electric fire, wood-burning stove or multi-fuel stove.

So why are Gr8 Fires prices so cheap compared to other retailers? Let’s explore the main reasons.

Exclusive manufacturing

We design and manufacture our own products for our own brands to create the heating appliances our customers want. To do that, we work directly with the factories to plan every aspect of our products.

There are two key benefits to this. Firstly, it means the products we sell have the precise look, features and functionality we want since they’re made to our design specifications.

Secondly, there is no middleman between us and the factory. Retailers who are dealing with a distributor or wholesaler pay a premium for that, and that premium is often passed on to you, the customer, in the retail price.

Instead of matching up with other retail prices, we use the advantage of the way we work to keep prices down.

Passing on savings

Since we pay directly for the raw materials, parts and transportation that bring each product into fruition and take it from the factory to our warehouse and onto your home, our manufacturing and logistics costs are in our hands.

When our costs drop, such as if fuel prices fall or the cost of a component is reduced, we can and do pass those savings on to you very quickly. Again, retailers who are dealing with third-parties are unlikely to see those savings let alone be able to share them with you.

No showrooms

There is no Gr8 Fires showroom. We operate on an online-only basis, sharing videos, images and information to help you build a full picture of what you’re buying and offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If we did have a showroom, we would need to buy or lease retail space to be able to house it. We would have to decorate it and maintain it. We would have to pay business rates on it to the local council. We would need sales staff to operate it.

Now consider that we’re currently able to supply low-cost products across the UK mainland. How many showrooms would we need to be able to achieve the same coverage? How much would that cost and would ultimately pay for it? You’ve guessed it: you again.

By keeping things simple — no showroom and selling only online — we can make savings on rent, rates and wages. We then pass those savings on to you in the form of lower prices.

Save right now

There you have it. That’s how we keep Gr8 Fires prices low. It’s not so much that we’re cheap as that other retailers are expensive. Quite simple, really.

By doing away with big overheads that many stores have to factor into their pricing, we’re able to make savings that we can share with you. The result is that we’re able to offer the lowest prices — backed by our Price Match Promise.

Shop now to benefit from our low prices.

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