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Discover the effortless, minimal style of the Ezee Glow Celestial 800 Electric Inset Fire (lookbook photos)

Discover the effortless, minimal style of the Ezee Glow Celestial 800 Electric Inset Fire (lookbook photos)

If ‘less is more’ is a key component of your interior design philosophy, allow us to introduce your perfect electric fire.

The Ezee Glow Celestial Electric Inset Fire bring style, elegance and modernity in an effortless, minimal and restrained way.

When installed within a recess in your wall, both the larger Celestial 800 Electric Inset and smaller Celestial 600 Electric Inset offer a large viewing window through which to enjoy matching the flames. You can choose from three flame effects: warm orange, cool blue or an eye-catching mixture of the two.

Although the Celestial Electric Inset can be installed with a surround of your choosing, we love the confident simplicity of this frameless recessed look. No flourishes or embellishment to attract your eye; just the knowledge that its effortless style alone is enough to make it a focal point of the room.

Sitting below the flames at the base of the large viewing pane will be a decorative fuel bed featuring your choice of crystals or artificial logs.

Both sizes of the Celestial Electric Inset deliver a maximum heat output of 1.6kW, which is perfect for most living rooms. You can turn off the energy efficient heater and keep the flame effect on to maintain the look and a relaxing atmosphere even when you don’t need the additional warmth.

With a 7-day timer function and a remote control, you have the option to set the Celestial Electric Inset fire to automatically warm the room before you get up in the morning or at the start of the evening. You can always intervene at the click of a button from the comfort of your sofa.

Ezee Glow Celestial 800 Electric Inset

Modern and minimalist interior of living room ,Yellow armchair with white table on white wall and wood floor ,3d render

The Celestial 800 is 878mm wide by 801mm tall, which gives it a distinctively near-square appearance and plenty of room for the flame effect to dance around the viewing window. See more.

Ezee Glow Celestial 600 Electric Inset

The smaller Celestial 600 is just as tall at 801mm, but narrower. Its 678mm width creates a portrait profile that is a stylish, contemporary and slightly wider reimagining of a traditional fireplace size. See more.

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