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Most Realistic Electric Fires

Most Realistic Flame Effect Electric Fires

Explore some of the most realistic electric fires on the market to find the perfect one to transform your fireplace.
Most Realistic Electric Fires

It’s not that long ago that you could spot an electric fireplace a mile off. Dramatic advances in technology in recent years have changed that. The soft, flickering light of LED flame effects, versatile flame colour options, holographic technology and clever use of mirrors have all helped to drive considerable improvements in electric fireplace flame effects. 

In the case of the most realistic electric fires, you’d now be very hard-pressed to tell if it’s an open fire, gas fire or electric flame effect that you’re enjoying.

As well as looking incredibly realistic, LED flame effects also help modern electric fires create a cosy atmosphere in your home — often at a fraction of the cost of other fires. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top realistic electric fires and how they achieve that authentic flame effect.

What Are the Most Realistic Electric Fires?

We’ve been selling electric fires for more than three decades and online at since 2009. Over that time, we’ve seen first-hand the incredible progress in the technology used in electric fires. We understand that having a realistic flame effect is an important feature for many electric fire buyers, so we’re always working to ensure the electric fires we sell look and feel authentic. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the most realistic electric fires available within our wide range of high-quality appliances so you can narrow down your search for the best electric fire for your home. Let’s take a look at the top contenders for the most realistic electric fires currently available.

Ezee Glow Celestial Built-In Media Wall Electric Fire

The Ezee Glow Celestial is perhaps the ultimate example of a realistic electric fire. Its LED flame effect uses the very latest technology to create flames that flicker and dance just like the real thing.

The flames can be used independently of the heater to set the right ambience with very low running costs. When a blast of warmth is needed, this enormously popular fire also delivers a maximum heat output of 1.6kW.

It’s available in 36”, 50”, 60” and 72” models.

Key Features

  • Three incredible realistic flame colours: orange, blue or a mixture of the two
  • Choice of 12 fuel-bed colours
  • One, two or three-sided glass installation options for stunning views of the flames
  • Remote control so you can control the fire from the comfort of your sofa


Suitable for:

  • Modern living rooms
  • Eye-catching media wall builds
  • Panoramic views of the flames

ACR Neo 3F 2 kW Electric Stove

The ACR Neo boasts four different flame settings — each operating using a holographic projection — and a realistic log-style fuel bed to perfectly replicate the look and feel of a freestanding logburner.

An optional flue pipe outlet means you can also create a realistic woodburner installation despite a chimney not being necessary when you install an electric fire.

This fire also includes a thermostatic remote control and many of the design features that go into ACR’s wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves.

Key Features

  • Highly realistic 3D holographic flame effect
  • Choice of four different flame styles
  • Eye-catching 180-degree view of the flames
  • Toasty 2kW heat output to keep you snug


Suitable for:

  • Freestanding or fireplace installations 
  • Incredible flame views
  • Contemporary yet timeless looks


Ezee Glow Zara Black Wall Mounted or Built In Electric Fire

With the Ezee Glow Zara electric fire, you get a selection of LED flame effects that help to create the impression of a real fire. This is enhanced by the log fuel bed, though the appliance also comes with the option of a white pebble fuel bed.

A highly versatile fire, it can be built in as part of a media wall or mounted to a wall. Its front-facing heaters mean it can be placed above or below a TV, while a slimline depth of just 112mm makes for easy and unobtrusive installation.

It’s available in 42”, 50”, 60” and 72” models.

Key Features

  • Naturalistic log fuel bed for a cosy atmosphere
  • Choice of three realistic flame colours: warm orange, cool blue or a mixture of the two
  • Flame-only setting for low running costs
  • Slimline remote control to adjust the flame effect, brightness and heat settings
  • Suitable for:

    • Wall hanging or recessing
    • Media wall builds
    • Modern look and feel

Ezee Glow Pulse Black Inset Electric Fire

The Ezee Glow Pulse marries the traditional living room fireplace with a contemporary design and a sensational LED flame effect. The choice of flame colours, log fuel bed and sleek, tempered black glass all help to create a highly realistic electric fire.

With five levels of flame brightness and a remote from which to adjust the fire settings, you’re always in total control of the mood in your home. The fact that this fire slots straight into a standard fireplace makes for easy installation and an opportunity to upgrade your existing fireplace with an electric fire that really looks the part.

Key Features

  • Incredibly realistic LED flame effect
  • Choose your flame effect colour from orange, blue or a mix of both
  • Eye-catching fuel bed featuring ceramic logs, charred wood and crystals
  • Fits into 16″ and 22″ fireplace openings


Suitable for:

  • Modern uplift for traditional fireplaces
  • Stylish, sleek looks
  • Easy installation

Take a Closer Look

ACR Astwood 2kW Electric Stove

The ACR Astwood electric stove is also available as a wood-burning stove. That’s probably a good indication of why it looks so realistic. The design and steel construction are identical to its wood-burning counterpart, and there’s a very convincing 3D flame effect to complete the look. Flames appear at the front, middle and rear of the firebed for a heightened sense of realism

This electric stove also includes a choice of 1kW or 2kW heat output, a selection of four different flame effects and a no-heat setting to create the right ambience on warmer evenings.

Key Features

  • Realistic 3D holographic flame projection
  • Choose from four flame settings to set the right mood
  • Genuine lightweight steel wood-burning stove body
  • Woodburner-style fuel bed

Suitable for:

  • Freestanding focal point
  • Fireplace upgrades
  • Logburner looks

Dimplex Dakota Black Electric Fire

The Dimplex Dakota delivers stylish flame effect visuals courtesy of Dimplex’s renowned Optiflame technology. The flames can be used independently of the 2kW fan heater to bring a feeling of warmth to your home in any weather.

This fire fits straight into a standard 16″ or 18″ fireplace opening. Its stainless steel body and sleek black finish will provide a contemporary uplift to any room.

Key Features

  • Realistic Optiflame effect for an authentic open fire appearance
  • Glowing white pebble fuel bed 
  • Flame-only setting for year-round cosiness
  • Slots into standard fireplace openings

Suitable for:
  • 16” or 18” fireplace openings
  • Traditional inset fireplace
  • A wide range of styles and décor
That concludes our round-up of the most realistic electric fires

With so many incredibly realistic electric fires available right now, there is plenty of choice. It’s never been easier to benefit from the convenience of an electric fire while maintaining the comfort and cosiness of real flames.  It's hard to pick out a single appliance as the most realistic electric fire but — if pressed — we’d have to vote for the Ezee Glow Celestial, which is also available in 36″, 50″, 60” and 72″ models. The quality of the LED flame effect and the level of control over how it looks gives it the edge over some of the other authentic flame effects we’ve featured.

Browse more realistic electric fires

To take a closer look at these and other realistic electric fireplaces, visit our online store to see our full collection of electric fires and find the ideal realistic electric fire for your home.

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