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How to Install an Electric Fireplace in Your Home

Follow our tips and advice on how to install an electric fireplace in your home.

How To Install An Electric Fireplace In Your Home

Installing an electric fireplace isn’t as difficult as you might think. In most cases, the only things you will need to install an electric fireplace are a regular plug socket and the perfect spot in which to place your new electric fireplace.

There is no new wiring required and you do not need an electrician when you install an electric fireplace.

It’s all very straightforward. You just need to work out the type of installation that’s right for your home and the electric fire you’re buying. So, here are a few different ways to install an electric fireplace.

Installing a wall mounted electric fireplace

You might be wondering, can you install a wall mounted electric fireplace by yourself? The short answer is yes. All you need is a bracket to hang up your electric fireplace on just about any wall. You will find brackets and screws included as part of the fitting kits for all the electric fireplaces we sell.

There is no need to make structural changes to your wall to get it ready for a wall-mounted electric fire. You need only fix it securely to a wall with the screws provided.

The other key consideration when installing a wall mounted electric fireplace is the distance to combustible materials, such as furniture, pillows, papers and clothes. Follow the instructions in the fireplace manual to ensure these materials are a safe distance away from the fireplace.

Before you set up your electric fireplace, make sure it is functioning properly. Plug it in to test the heater and flame effect. If everything works correctly then move on with the fireplace installation. Next, find a socket that doesn’t require the use of an extension cord. It is important that the power lead remains at the back of the fireplace and doesn’t come anywhere near the heater, which would risk melting the cable.

Now attach your bracket to the wall For most wall mounted electric fireplaces, you will screw the mount onto the wall in order to mount the fireplace. The fire itself will then slot or hook onto the mount, securing it against the wall. All that’s left to do is plug in your fireplace, turn it on and enjoy the warmth.

Installing a recessed or built-in electric fireplace

The perfect fireplace installation for house renovations or currently constructed ones. This is because of the need for an opening in your wall and the electrical wiring involved.

You can install a recessed electric fireplace by yourself, but you will need some DIY skills in order to build a media wall or another surround to house your fire. If you don’t have those DIY skills, it’s a very simple job for any joiner or builder. And if you don’t want any construction work at all you could opt for an electric suite, which would be no more complicated than installed a wall mounted electric fire.

Before you install a built-in electric fireplace make sure the fireplace is functioning properly. Plug it in, test the heater and flame effects. If everything works then move on with installing.

Now measure out how much of the wall you will need to give to the fireplace. Your recessed fireplace will either plug into an electrical outlet or it will need to be hardwired in by a professional electrician.

You can follow our guide on how to build a media wall. Alternatively, follow detailed written and video instructions on how to install an Ezee Glow Celestial Built-In Electric Fire.

Place the fireplace into the surround in accordance with the instructions in the appliance manual. Depending on the weight of the appliance, you might need more than one person. For safety reasons, you will need to secure the fireplace with screws to ensure it stays in place.

If your fireplace comes with decorative logs or crystals you should place them inside the fireplace now. Then put the front glass panel back in place and enjoy your completed, recessed fireplace.

Installing an electric inset fireplace

Looking to replace your existing fireplace with an electric one? Then you’ll need an electric inset fire. An electric inset fireplace is very easy to install. You will need an electrical socket inside or adjacent to the fireplace. If the socket is adjacent to the fireplace you might like to consider ways of hiding the cable.

Again, pay attention to the distances between the fireplace and combustible materials, such as furniture, pillows, papers and clothes.

Before installing your electric fireplace make sure the fireplace is functioning properly. Plug it in, test the heater and flame effects. If everything is working then move on with installing.

If the chimney is not already sealed, remember to use a chimney cap or register plate to prevent water from damaging the fire. If you have a damper, you could also close and seal it to stop draughts and the loss of heat.

Now slot your electric inset fireplace into the fireplace opening. Most appliances are designed to fit straight into a standard UK fireplace. Position the fire as you want it before securing it with screws or a bracket as directed in the appliance manual.

The final step is to attach the trim that will frame your electric fireplace. This will cover any gaps between the appliance and the existing fireplace surround so that the fireplace opening is not visible.

You can turn it on and enjoy your electric inset fireplace.

Ready to install an electric fireplace in your home?

Hopefully that’s helped you to decide on the right type of electric fireplace installation for your home. Visit our website to see our full range of electric fires.

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