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Common Electric Fireplace Problems and How to Solve Them

Find the solutions to some of the most common electric fireplace problems.

Common electric fireplace problems

Are you having problems with your electric fireplace? If your electric fireplace is broken, not working properly or you’re experiencing a problem with it, you might find the solution in this article.

We’ve put together a list of the most common electric fireplace problems and guidance on how to solve them. See if the answer to your electric fire problems is included below.

My electric fireplace won’t turn on

Wondering why your electric fireplace won’t turn on? This is often caused by the temperature limiting control. Some electric fireplaces are equipped with a temperature limiting control system that prevents the heater from reaching an unsafe temperature. The heater automatically turns off for your safety. You will normally need to reset your electric fireplace to correct this. Follow your appliance manual to do this, but the process is usually something like:

  1. Unplug your electric fireplace from its power source.
  2. Leave your electric fireplace with the power off for at least five minutes.
  3. Check your electric fireplace to make sure no vents are blocked by dust or any other objects. If they are, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the vents.
  4. Plug the power cord back into the socket and turn on your electric fireplace.
  5. If the problem continues, get a professional heating engineer to check your electric fireplace.

My electric fireplace timer is broken

Are you trying to set your electric fireplace on a timer but the timer isn’t working? With most electric fireplaces, you need to calibrate the timer on your controller before setting the timer function. Once the time is calibrated on your controller you will usually hear a beep to confirm the function has been successful. Your timer should now work. If the problem continues, get a professional heating engineer to check your electric fireplace.

My electric fireplace switched itself off and has an error message

Are you confused because your electric fireplace has turned itself off? Perhaps you have an error message on the display. Don’t worry, you’re not the first to be in this situation, and you certainly won’t be the last.

This is often due to the temperature dropping in your room. In some electric fireplaces, like the Ezee Glow Mini Zara Electric Fire, the heater shuts down if there is a change of 10°C or more within a three-minute period. This is because the appliance assumes there is an open window nearby, or you’re intentionally trying to lower the temperature of the room.

To save you spending money on energy you don’t want, your electric fireplace heater may automatically switch to a low-heat mode, or turn itself off completely.

With the Ezee Glow Mini Zara Electric Fire, the appliance will beep three times and the digital display will flash ‘88’ three times to warn you that it is switching from High Heat to Low Heat.

If it does the same thing but the digital display flashes ‘88’ continuously, the electric fireplace is switched off completely.

To prevent this, be wary of sudden drops in temperature around your electric fireplace. If you turn the electric fireplace off for five minutes, then turn it back on, it should have reset and be ready to use once again.

My electric fireplace won’t heat up

If your electric fireplace appears to be on but is not generating any heat, two common problems could be the cause. Check that the vents, the air inlets and outlet are not blocked. A blocked inlet will prevent air from circulating through the heating element to be heated and provide warm air to your room. A blocked outlet will prevent warm air from being distributed into your room. Make sure both vents are clear.

The second possible cause is problems with your electric fireplace’s thermostat. Make sure the thermostat is set to a temperature above the current room temperature or the fireplace heater won’t turn on and give out any heat.

An electric fireplace thermostat helps to keep your room at a constant set temperature. The fireplace heater will automatically adjust the heat output to keep the room at this temperature. So, if your room is already above your set temperature it won’t give out any heat. An electric fireplace thermostat will typically display your chosen temperature and the current room temperature. Just adjust the thermostat to your preferred temperature.

My electric fireplace is turning on by itself

Similar to the problem with a fireplace not heating, your electric fireplace turning itself on could also be due to the thermostat. If an electric fireplace is powered on but not heating your room, it will still monitor the temperature. It will then begin to heat your room if the room temperature drops below the set temperature. Look at the thermostat settings and change it to the temperature you want. If the problem continues, get a professional heating engineer to check your electric fireplace.

My electric fireplace won’t light up or the flame effect isn’t working

If the flame effects of your electric fireplace are not working, check that any dials, buttons and controls for the brightness of the flames are on and turned up. Check your manual for information on these settings. If all the settings are correct the problem could relate to the lighting components inside the fireplace. If the problem continues, get a professional heating engineer to check your electric fireplace.

Did you find the solution to your electric fireplace problems?

We’ve tried to round up the most common electric fireplace problems. If you didn’t find the solution to a problem with your electric fire or the answer to your question, feel free to leave a comment below. For more serious problems, you might need a professional heating engineer to check your electric fireplace.

If your electric fireplace is beyond repair and you need a replacement, we have a range of new electric fires from which you can choose.

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