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WOW! See @blossom_home_interior’s Incredible Media Wall Build

WOW! See @blossom_home_interior’s Incredible Media Wall Build

See @blossom_home_interior's incredible media wall build

Just look at this for a living room transformation! Instagram interiors account @blossom_home_interior has demonstrated what a difference an Ezee Glow 60” Celestial Built-In Electric Fire can make to a room with this gorgeous media wall build project.

Linda, who runs the account, has been documenting the media wall build to her 51,000 followers. Having settled on the Ezee Glow 60″ Celestial as the perfect built-in electric fire for her plans, she worked with Bespoke Media Walls North East to bring the media wall design to life.

Let’s have a look at how the media wall build came together.

Getting started with the media wall build

As you can see Linda was starting with more or less a blank canvas at the start of the project. That’s the Ezee Glow 60″ Celestial Built-In Electric Fire in its box and awaiting installation.

It was then time for the installers to unbox the electric fire, prepare it for installation and check how it would sit within the media wall installation.

Building the stud wall

The media wall installers then got to work building the frame of the media wall. This process is very similar to when you are building a stud wall. If you’d like a step-by-step guide on how to do this please download our FREE guide How To Create The Perfect Media Wall. With vertical studs in place and horizontal noggins positioned to support the electric fire, the installers slotted into place.

Plastering the media wall

The next step was to mount plasterboard to the stud wall. The flat surface creates the wall and its various recesses. It’s then on to plastering to give the media wall a smooth, neat finish.

Finishing touches

With the TV in place, LED spot lighting setting the scene within six recessed shelves and the flames of the Ezee Glow 60″ Celestial creating the perfect atmosphere, the media wall is now just awaiting a lick of paint and the benefit of Linda’s attention to decor detailing.

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