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Which Wood Burning Stove Accessories Do I Need?

Which Wood Burning Stove Accessories Do I Need?

When choosing a stove, you will notice some have optional extras that can enhance how the final installation of your stove looks as well as improving the ease of use. There are also some accessories that improve safety when using your stove. Below is the Gr8 guide to optional extras we recommend.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is not just an optional accessory: a carbon monoxide alarm is now a legal requirement when you’re installing a wood-burning stove.

A well-installed stove shouldn’t create any problems with carbon monoxide, but an alarm offers valuable peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

Log Stores

Both Mazona & Arada have custom log stores to match their stoves. A log store will give you a practical solution to storing dry logs ready for burning directly under your stove, meaning you will have less trips outside to fetch more fuel. The log store also boosts the height of your stove making your installation look impressive and creating a brilliant focal point in your home.

Pedestals & Stands

An alternative to a log store, a pedestal acts as a custom stand for your stove to sit on without having to add logs underneath to complete the look. Pedestals are very popular amongst contemporary freestanding curved stoves such as the Arada Hoxton which is usually installed outside of a traditional fireplace.

Safety Gloves

A safe way to open your stove door and add logs, a safety mitt will prevent any accidents occurring and if you store the glove near your stove it can act as a reminder that the stove will be hot when in use.  

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