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Find the Best Wood-Burning Stove Manufacturer for your Style and Budget

Find the Best Wood-Burning Stove Manufacturer for your Style and Budget

Choosing the right wood-burning stove for your home is no different than any other aspect of interior design. You need to establish the look you’re going for in your room.

Whether you want to find the perfect stove and then decorate your room to match it or you’re looking for a stove to go with your existing décor, you need to consider the sort of appearance you would like to create.

Stove manufacturers tend to have a particular style, which is often consistent throughout their range. Finding a manufacturer that matches your taste is usually the start of finding the right wood burner. You just need to decide: is a traditional stove or a contemporary stove most in-keeping with your taste?

Once you’ve done that, you can find a stove that is right for your budget. Fortunately, caters for a range of styles and budgets. Here is our guide to finding your ideal wood-burning stove manufacturer.

Traditional Stoves

Great Value

For reasonably priced traditional appliances, the Mazona range is a great choice. Mazona offer a selection of designs and outputs from 4kW to 8kW so you can find the perfect traditional stove for your home, at a reasonable price.

Each Mazona stove is ecodesign ready making them more efficient than older stoves, and also multi-fuel so they can burn seasoned wood or smokeless coal. 

Our picks from the Mazona range

Rye Eco 5 

The Rye Eco 5 is an efficient ecodesign stove with a traditional design. The black cast iron door frames a large glass window to view the flame picture. The stove has also has a contemporary handle and airwash controls so you can create the cosy atmosphere of a traditional stove while also keeping up to date with design trends. 

  • 4.9kW output 
  • 78.8% efficiency 
  • Optional log store offers a boost of height and convenient place to store logs for burning

Warwick Eco 4-8 

Available in 3 sizes, the Mazona Warwick has eye catching brass accents including the handle, air controls and door hinge. Keeping with a traditional stle each Warwick stove has a bevelled front door with decorative lines. 

  • 3 sizes - 4.1kW 5kW 8.1kW
  • 83% efficiency (4.1kW)
  • Brass accents



    Arada Stoves have been manufacturing stoves for over 40 years and offer stunning traditional models ehich are all manufactured in Britain. With a lifetime guarnatee on




    Contemporary Stoves

    Great value

    Great British Stoves, perhaps better known as GBS, offers a range of competitively priced modern stoves. Its sleek, minimal appliances are priced between £280 and £500.


    GBS Mariner 4kw Multi-fuel Stove

    GBS Mariner Stove



    The mid-range contemporary stove market is well stocked. For a clean, minimal interpretation of the wood-burning stove, consider the Aarrow Stoves produced by Arada. An Aarrow stove will be priced at around £500-900.


    Aarrow Acorn View 4 kW Flexifuel Wood Burning Stove

    Aarrow Acorn Stove

    Carron Stoves offer a stylish and colourful range. The stoves are quite deliberately light on detail, but come with neat lines, an interesting design and a variety of different finishes.


    Carron 4.7kw Red Enamel DEFRA Multifuel Stove

    Carron Red Enamel Stove

    It is worth mentioning Dimplex Stoves at this point. Its range features some excellent contemporary stoves. However, it also manufactures stoves that would be equally at home in the traditional stoves category.


    Dimplex Westcott Inset Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove

    Dimplex Westcott Stove



    The undisputed king of the eye-catching feature stove is French manufacturer Invicta. Its range varies from a modern take on the stove as we know it, to spectacular designs that are as much works of art as they are heating appliances. Prices start at around £600 and go up to £3,000.


    Invicta Seville Red Woodburning stove

    Invicta Seville Red Stove


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