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Why heat your whole home? Save fuel by switching off your heating and using your stove.

Why heat your whole home? Save fuel by switching off your heating and using your stove.

Let’s face it. Economically speaking, it has been a tough couple of years. As the public purse tightens and businesses struggle to stay afloat, most of us have been working hard to reduce our living expenses. With the ever increasing price of oil, gas, coal and electricity, bloated fuel bills are an added headache we could all do without.

More heat for less money

Wood burning stoves have always been popular, but the recent surge in sales indicates that they are meeting the new demands of a cash-strapped market.

This popularity is not difficult to understand. Few would deny the attraction of a crackling fire on a cold winter day. With a wood burning stove that no longer needs to be a guilty pleasure. They are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option than coal fires, and much cheaper than central heating which runs on gas, oil or electricity.

Wood is a much cheaper fuel to produce and, if sourced locally, can reduce the delivery and transport costs. Why not collect salvaged wood? As long as it is untreated waste wood can be burnt in the stove, eliminating fuel costs altogether!

Greater efficiency

Wood burning stoves are up to three times more efficient than open grate fires, allowing the heat to stay in the room rather than escape up the chimney. Some models even burn off the gases that wood produces in the stove, further increasing the heat efficiency while reducing emissions that can be harmful to the environment.

The greater efficiency means heat will travel out into the rest of your house. Of course, most people are attracted to a fireside, but the days of having to huddle around for warmth are long gone! If you are using a stove to supplement central heating, the greater efficiency of the wood burning stove means you will be able to turn off the heat elsewhere. Selectively heating the rooms you and your family use most with a wood burning stove, means you can save money on your fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Room for improvement

Depending on how much you are willing to invest initially, your wood burning stove can meet all your heating needs. A back boiler connected to your stove can heat the radiators throughout your house and provide your hot water. This will significantly reduce your reliance on more pricey fossil fuels, putting you back in control of your home heating bills.

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