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Can Santa Claus fit down a wood-burning stove flue pipe?

Can Santa Claus fit down a wood-burning stove flue pipe?

One of the biggest concerns raised by our customers before they buy wood-burning stoves from us is whether Santa Claus will be able to get down a wood-burning stove flue pipe to deliver Christmas presents.

Obviously, a woodburner is a lovely addition to any home, but would you want to install one at the expense of having presents to open on Christmas morning? Probably not.

The good news is that, despite the difficulties that might be presented to Father Christmas, he is perfectly capable of delivering presents via a stove flue pipe. Indeed he has been successfully delivering to homes with woodburners for centuries. Woodburners are currently enjoying a significant resurgence, but they have been used to heat homes for hundreds of years.

Although most flues are between five and eight inches in diameter, Santa will still be able to access any property with a woodburner. Many modern homes that have gas fires or open fireplaces with masonry flues will have access of a similar diameter.

Many newer properties have no chimney breast or fireplace at all, and Santa is still able to deliver to those.

Our understanding is that, given his previous record of getting stuck in open fireplace chimneys, Santa now prefers to uses his magic powers to squeeze himself into even homes with unlined chimneys to avoid any mishaps so those with wood-burning stoves are no different .

One consideration for stove owners on Christmas Eve is to remember to leave the door of their woodburner ajar to allow Santa easy access one he has come down the flue pipe.

As with open, gas and electric fireplaces, Santa will certainly appreciate any mince pies and drinks that are left near to wood-burning stoves on Christmas Eve.

If you’re happy to go ahead and buy a woodburner now you know Santa will still be able to deliver presents to you, you can browse our range of stoves at

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