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Video: A closer look at the Ezee Glow Zara Electric Fire

Video: A closer look at the Ezee Glow Zara Electric Fire

Meet the Ezee Glow Zara Electric Fire

The Ezee Glow Zara Electric Fire is one of our most popular electric fires. You can see it in action in the video above.

Modern and sleek in design, the Zara is a wall-hung fire. That means it can provide warmth to your home without taking up valuable floor-space.

The 1.4kW heat output provides a nice boost of heat to most normal-sized living rooms.

A front heater ensures the heat generated goes out into your room. That means there is no issue with having a television above or below the fire. It also means the Zara is suitable to be installed within recesses.

The Ezee Glow Zara is supplied with a choice of white marble pebbles or ceramic logs. You can decide which fuel bed is best-suited to your taste, the decor of your room and the look you want from your fire.

You can operate the fire with a choice of warm orange or cool blue flames, or a combination of both. Whether you’re looking for a fire that looks natural or delivers an eye-catching splash of colour to your room, the Zara fits the bill.

The energy-saving LED flame effect and a flame-only setting – which allows you to create the atmosphere of a fire without generating any of the heat – helps to keep running costs low. All of the fire’s key settings can be controlled via a stylish touchscreen display.

The Ezee Glow Zara also comes with a remote control (to operate the flame effect, brightness and heat settings with thermostatic control) and 7-day timer function, which you can see in action in the video below. As the video shows, it is really easy to use the electric fire.

Click here to see more of the Ezee Glow Zara Electric Fire.

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