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Video: Ezee Glow Celestial colours, fuel bed and flame effect

Video: Ezee Glow Celestial colours, fuel bed and flame effect

Take a closer look at the Ezee Glow Celestial colours, fuel bed and flame effect in this video.

Ezee Glow Celestial colours

If you’re looking for an eye-catching built-in electric fire to create a focal point in your room, the relaxing atmosphere created by the Ezee Glow Celestial colours, flame effect and fuel bed is difficult to beat.

To give you the next best thing to experiencing these features in person, Ezee Glow has created a video that gives you a detailed and up-close look at the Celestial in action.

There is a wide selection of Ezee Glow Celestial colours so you can always choose the right combination for the occasion.

As you’ll see in the video there is a choice of three Ezee Glow Celestial flame effect colours. The orange flame, blue flame and orange-blue mix are both featured in the video.

When it comes to the fuel bed, there are 12 different colour options to choose from. You’ll see many of the colours in the video, including orange, blue, white, yellow, green and pink.

Watch the video below.

All of the Ezee Glow Celestial colours are created using LEDs. That includes the realistic flame effect and the fuel bed.

The flame effect can help you to create the bright, mesmerising warmth and orange flames of a real fire. Or make things a little moodier with the more subdued blue flame effect — perfect if you want the room a little darker.

In the case of the fuel bed, an array of decorative crystals capture and diffuse your chosen colour around the room, creating the effect of glowing coals or stones. This creates the perfect way to set the mood or to match the fire to your decor or LED lighting — and it looks great in any of the colour options. Learn how to change the colours of the Ezee Glow Celestial fuel bed.

The fuel bed and the flame effect can both be used independently of the electric heater, which means you can create the perfect ambience in your home even if you don’t want to add extra heat. The low running costs of LED lighting means this is a very cost-effective to create a visually impressive room.

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