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Woodburning Stoves

At GR8Fires, woodburning stoves are high on our best seller list. Our comprehensive range of stoves, sourced from manufacturers that are renowned for excellent quality, includes Invicta, Aarrow, Dimplex and Villager stoves. Woodburning stoves are an increasingly popular choice with homeowners and designers alike, thanks to their versatility and efficiency. As a fuel, wood is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than oil, gas and coal. And there's no need to sacrifice style and comfort - our stoves provide a warm atmosphere and decorative focal point to suit modern or traditional furnishing.

As our range of the best wood burning stoves demonstrates, wood burners come in a variety of styles, colours and shapes to suit every taste, whether you're after farmhouse traditional or minimalist chic, red or cream, single door or double doors, or with various flue options. From the small wood burning 5 kW DEFRA approved Ecoburn stove to the larger 15 kW Invicta Sedan, these highly rated stoves are a welcome addition to every home.

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Stove Heat Output
  1. 4 kW to 6 kW (2)
  2. 6 kW to 9 kW (2)
  3. 9 kW to 12 kW (4)
Room Vent Required?
  1. No (2)
  2. Yes (6)
DEFRA Approved?
  1. Yes (8)
Eco Design
  1. No (2)
  2. Yes (8)
  1. Aarrow (Arada) (8)
  1. Black (4)
  2. Grey (4)

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