Inset Boiler Stoves

Gr8 Fires supply inset boiler stoves across the UK. Our superb range of inset boiler stoves includes the most sought after models from the best manufacturers including Arizona, Stratford and Villager stoves. Inset boiler stoves offer a more comprehensive heating system for the home than other wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. By connecting to your central heating system, the heat produced when you burn wood, coal or alternative fuels, such as pellets, in a boiler stove is used to heat the water in your tank and radiators. Heating the whole house with a boiler stove can mean a considerable reduction in the amount of fuel you need. This means increased energy efficiency which is good news for your bank balance and the environment.

Our inset boiler stoves include wood burning and multi-fuel burners. Whether you want a black or brown stove, in enamel or cast iron, Gr8 Fires can provide a high-quality stove that will suit the style of your home and your budget.

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Stove Heat Output
  1. 9 kW to 12 kW (2)
  2. 12 kW plus (3)
Room Vent Required?
  1. Yes (1)
DEFRA Approved?
  1. No (1)
  1. Stratford (Arada) (3)
  1. Black (2)

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