Gas Fires

GR8 Fires supply a superb range of gas fires across the UK. Our Firecraft flueless gas fires are stylish, easy to install and convenient to operate. Flueless gas fires are an increasingly popular choice among our customers who find they can reduce their home heating bills without sacrificing comfort and atmosphere. Not only is there very little cost involved in installing a flueless gas fire, since they are very simply screwed onto the wall, they are incredibly energy efficient, converting 100% of the gas into heat. Built-in safety features monitor the oxygen levels in the room, cutting the gas supply if the levels fall below a recommended level.

We stock, and frequently add to, a fantastic range of flueless gas fires. You’ll find some great price reductions on particular models too! You can choose from inset gas fires or hung fires, available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to transform any room into a cosy and welcoming living space.

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Electric Fire Type
  1. Wall Mounted (3)
  2. Hearth Mounted (130)
  1. White (2)
  2. Real Coal (5)
from £0 to £1805
Stove Heat Output
  1. 6 kW to 9 kW (1)
Free Standing
  1. No (151)
Remote Control
  1. No (151)
Hearth Mounted
  1. No (137)
  2. Yes (14)
Recess Fit
  1. No (147)
  2. Yes (4)
Wall Mounted
  1. No (146)
  2. Yes (5)
LED Lighting
  1. No (151)
Thermostat Control
  1. No (151)
  1. Silver (15)
  2. Black (22)
  3. Brass (1)
  1. Valor (37)
  2. Flavel (45)
  3. Verine (83)
  4. Gr8Fires (1)