How Much Does a Wood Burning Stove Cost?

How Much Does a Wood Burning Stove Cost?

We’ll try to steer clear of any ‘piece of string’ related rhetorical questions, but the honest answer is that the price of a wood-burning stove varies considerably.

When they’re weighing up whether or not to make a purchase, most people ask themselves: “Will I get value for money from a wood-burning stove?” That means the running costs and subsequent savings to energy bills also need to be taken into consideration when trying to work out the true cost of a wood-burning stove.

The size, current heating methods and standard of insulation at your property are just a handful of the factors that come into play.

Now that we’ve set out why a definitive answer is so tricky, let’s start answering some questions.

How much does it cost to buy a wood-burning stove?

This is arguably the easiest bit to work out how much you’re going to spend. It’s also the aspect where you can make considerable savings.

We offer some of the cheapest wood-burning stoves available. Stoves like our Rocky 6kW get rave reviews from our customers, yet costs less than £250. At the other end of the scale we sell stoves that cost more than £2,000.

The Rocky 6KW Multi Fuel Stove

Rocky 6KW Stove

It all depends on the size and style of the stove you want in your home but, with such a varied price bracket to aim for, it’s easy to find a stove that’s right for your budget and your requirements. If you're looking for a small great value stove then here's 5 small stoves we'd recommend.

How much does it cost to install a wood-burning stove?

This is where we start to move into the realms of guesswork. In theory, doing a DIY installation and getting this signed off by your local authority’s building control officer could cost as little as £200. However, the chances of things going as smoothly as that are very slim and we would always recommend using a HETAS-approved installer to do a safe and professional job.

Prices for a professional installation will start from around £1,000. That could rise to £2,000 if the installation is a bit more complicated.

Download our Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to help you Calculate the Cost of your Stove Installation.


How much does it cost to run a wood-burning stove?

There are several factors that affect the cost of running your stove. If you’re able to source a supply of or collect free wood, the running costs are minimal. If you’re buying logs, the amount of wood you will burn and the associated costs depend upon a host of factors, such as the type of wood you’re burning, whether the wood is seasoned and how efficiently you’re running the stove.

Depending on how much use you get from the stove and assuming you can’t source free wood, you could expect to spend between £300 and £600 per year on logs and kindling.

We’ve written a blog post comparing in more detail the running costs of different types of heating.

How much money will a wood-burning stove save?

Sorry, but once again it’s difficult to say. All the factors we outlined at the start of the article will come into play.

We’ll take our lead from the Energy Saving Trust, which estimates that a wood-burning stove will save around 10% of your annual heating costs. That figure rises to 20% if you’ve got a larger boiler stove that is also heating your water. If you’re currently using electric heating in your home, the savings will be nearer to £400 per year.

While we’ll stick to those impartial figures for the purposes of this article, we get feedback from customers that they savings have been far greater than those quoted above.


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Gr8Fires 2017-12-29 12:57:22
@ David Green Hi David Yes, that's certainly possible. It's called a twin wall flue. Here are some
examples of how a twin wall flue installation might work for you: Thanks, Gr8Fires

David Green 2017-12-29 11:30:27
Hello We have a detached house and have currently a fire stove attached to an outside wall. We are
considering possibly a log burner but require an outsize metaled chimney. Not sure if possible and
would be grateful for your guidance. Thanks

Gr8Fires 2017-05-22 13:15:01
@ Barbara R. Allinson Hi Barbara Probably best to use a conversion tool like with exchange
rates fluctuating so much. We don't sell to the US so we're not sure of retailers over there, but
here are some ivory/cream stoves for your consideration: Thanks, Gr8Fires

Barbara R. Allinson 2017-05-08 17:29:08
Looking to replace my wood burning stove with smaller more decorative ivory enamel cast iron, 6"
ivory flue pipe, glass door, 8"legs, but I don not understand UK prices and sizes to US prices and
sizes. My budget is $2,000 US dollars. Also, if UK stoves are sold by any US retailers. Thank you.

Gr8Fires 2017-02-20 21:08:18
@ Hazel Garnett Hi Hazel We're online-only, so our brochure is our website. You can see all our
stoves here:

Hazel garnett 2017-02-18 15:38:27
Please would you send me your brochure. We are interested in buying a new wood burning stove