Which Wood Burning Stove Accessories Do I Need?

Which Wood Burning Stove Accessories Do I Need?

Once you’ve bought a wood-burning stove there are a few essential bits-and-bobs that you’ll also need to pick up. These wood-burning stove accessories will make your life much easier, improve your experience as a wood-burning stove owner or help to ensure your household’s safety. All of which are sounds reasons for investment.

Multi Fuel Stove Accessories

Here is the Gr8Fires.co.uk guide to the optional extras we recommend you get to accompany your stove.

Companion set

Everything about a companion set makes it the ultimate wood-burning stove accessory, from its name right down to the various functions it performs. A fireplace must-have for generations, a companion set provides a group of tools to help manage your stove. And they’re all bundled together in one handy stand.

You’ll have everything you need to load, stoke and arrange your fuel, plus the facility to brush up any splinters or ashes that might end up on your hearth in the process.

Log holder

If you’ve never had a wood-burning stove before you’ve probably never had to consider whereabouts in your home would be a good place to keep a good supply of logs. In many cases the best answer is to get a purpose-made log holder.

These are available in all shapes and sizes, but the purpose is always to give you access to plenty of fuel without having to venture outside every hour or two.

Log carrier

Your log holder can only do so much work. When you do have to venture outside to fetch more fuel, a log carrier helps you to maximise the amount of wood you can bring inside in one trip, saving your time and your back.

A log carrier can also be very useful if you’re planning a bigger adventure to forage for wood. You might as well collect as much as you can carry, and you’ll be able to carry much more with one of these.

Moisture meter

The lower the moisture content in the wood you are burning, the more efficient your stove will be and the quicker your home will heat up.

This digital moisture meter is perfect if you’re not an expert at spotting seasoned wood. It will tell you precisely what the moisture content is and allow you to leave it to dry for a bit longer if necessary.

Digital Moisture Meter For Wood Fuel 

Fire guard or fire screen

A fire guard is not as necessary with a wood-burning stove as it is an open fire since there are no sparks flying around. But it can still be a wise move to use one if you have children or animals in your home who don’t appreciate just how hot the stove is when it’s in use.

Stove mit

It’s not just children and animals who sometimes inadvertently touch a stove when it is in use. This accessory is to stop you forgetting just how hot a stove gets. Whether out of an attempt to tend to the stove or pure stupidity, we’re all prone to forgetting that hot metal burns (although most people only do it once!).

Keep this stove glove nearby and you’ll be able to handle any of the metal around your stove without fear and with great ease.

Carbon monoxide alarm

This is not just an optional accessory: a carbon monoxide alarm is now a legal requirement when you’re installing a wood-burning stove.

Carbon Monioxide Alarm 


A well-installed stove shouldn’t create any problems with carbon monoxide, but an alarm offers valuable peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

That’s your whistle-stop tour of the must-have wood-burning stove accessories. You can see our full range of accessories or consider one of our wood burner starter packs which contain some of the most important accessories and stove care tools you’ll need.


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Gr8Fires 2015-10-20 12:09:42
@ Elaine newey Hi Elaine, As with most things, you're probably getting better quality by paying
more. The ones we stock tend to be around the £80. There are plenty of reviews available online if
you spot one you're thinking of buying. Some of the 4-blade designs claim greater efficiency, but
we've never experienced any problems with the 2-blade design. Thanks

Elaine newey 2015-10-18 13:27:01
Hi we are thinking about getting a fan for the top of our Burley fire. It all very confusing (!) two
blades, four blades £30 - £100!!! Our fire is in an open room (not fire place) and we would like
to 'push' as much heat around our bungalow as possible. Any help you can give would be wonderful.
Thank you in anticipation Kind regards Elaine

Gr8Fires 2014-08-12 14:16:41
Hi Larina Thanks for getting in touch. You can buy a starter pack here:
https://www.gr8fires.co.uk/gr8-fires-stove-starter-pack Or if you're unsure about what you need,
feel free to give us a call on the number at the top of the page. Thanks!

larina jenkinson 2014-08-12 14:10:50
hi I have a log burner but I need everything else to go with it, its 6" hole at the back can u tell
me where I can get it all from